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February 13, 2006
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Hair and Fur Brushes by arwenpotter Hair and Fur Brushes by arwenpotter

PLEASE note that I have moved to a new account (:iconversarnwen:) so if you wish for me to look at something you've created with the brushes you'll have to leave me a note or a message there as I wont be checking this account very often! Thanks for all your lovin' and favourites guys! ;)

Just some handy brushes I made :) Good for doing hair or fur the easy way but it looks even better if you add some of your own individual strokes into the mix.

Short tutorial of sorts will come next.

With the short fur brush be careful how you use it or it may look funny (because the brush has gaps, painting over part of an area you painted with the brush already will fill in some gaps etc)

How to install:
1. Click "Download As"
2. Go to "My Computer" -> Then to your main Hardrive (Usually "Local Disk (C: )") -> "Program Files" -> "Adobe" -> "Photoshop" -> "Presets" -> "Brushes" -> "Adobe Photoshop Only"
3. Save ;)
4. Open Photoshop and select the Brush tool then right click. Then click that arrow in the top right corner of the window that appears and go to "Load Brushes" and select "Hair and Fur Brushes" from the list :)

NOTE: To use these brushes in painter simply change the file extension (The file is called "Hair and Fur Brushes.abr") from .abr to .jbr.

Any problems please note me.

Either Link back to this page or link back to my page by typing in :icon(remove this)arwenpotter: in your Deviation Description. Thank you.
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thanks a lot!
ChimeAnime Feb 21, 2014  New member Student General Artist
I will probably be using your brushes a lot, so I will give you credit when I do, but I wont post everything I do with them here...but I WILL give you 100% credit
Used it here:…
Thank you so much for this beautiful brushes. The Composing will be part on a Contest at
milo001 Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot!!
Used here
Artinprogres Sep 9, 2013  Professional General Artist
I used this stock here…
MarianneChapdelaine Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you I used your brush here [link]
LastBestHopeforPeace Jun 4, 2013  Professional Writer
thanks for this!
LazyMaskedArtist May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhm.. I downloaded this, and did everything you said, until you mentioned "Load Brushes".

It doesn't metion load anything, except for 'Load Tool Presets' 'Reset Tool Presets' and 'Save Tool Presets'.

...Help anyone?
CalCrazy Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you are using photoshop, the easiest way to install new brushes is this.

Open one window that has the brush file in it.

open a second window and go into your hard drive, then your program folder. Find the Adobe folder, and then the Photoshop Folder. Inside that folder will be another folder called "Presets", open that and there will be yet another folder, titled "Brushes". open that folder.

Move the brush file from the first window into the window that has the brushes folder opened.

Voila! All done.

PS has to not be running when you do this. Once you've moved all your brushes into that folder, when you run PS they will automatically show up when you go to pick a brush.

Hope this helps! :)
Thx . <3 .
I will show you where i use the brushes .
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